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Rental & Investment Property Insurance

Rental Property Insurance / Investment Property Insurance in Frisco, Texas

As a landlord, you encounter liabilities and risks that regular homeowners do not. You face challenges that are unique to your specific properties and tenancies.

If you rent out one or more investment properties, you’re going to need an insurance policy tailored to your specific situation. CNC Insurance, as an independent insurance agency, can help you find the coverage that fits your needs. We can compare rates across a wide range of insurance carriers.

As a local business, we understand the unique challenges landlords face in the Frisco area. We work with you to understand your insurance needs as you describe them to us. We’re dedicated to giving you a local solution to your insurance requirements.

Who Needs Rental Property or Investment Property Insurance?

If you are renting out a portion of your home, or if you rent a vacation home for several months out of the year, then your regular homeowner’s policy won’t be enough to cover your risks and liabilities.

Rental property insurance makes sure that you are covered, so that your investment is secure. The amount of landlord insurance you need depends on how many units you rent out among many other factors, including location. That’s why you should talk with an insurance expert who is familiar with the area.

What Does Rental & Investment Property Insurance Cover?

Although policies vary based on your needs, rental property insurance typically covers:

  • The main home and other structures on your property (like storage sheds)
  • Your possessions on the property, such as appliances, that are not owned by your tenants
  • Lost income if your property is damaged or deemed uninhabitable
  • Liability protection in case of an injury on your property or a lawsuit

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