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Why Every Family Needs a Storm Shelter, and What You Should Include

Storm season is well on its way! Make sure that you and your family have somewhere safe to seek refuge. While building a storm shelter may cost a bit upfront, you'll never be more grateful for it when a bad storm...

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12 Essentials everyone should have in their Emergency Preparedness Kit

Disasters happen when you least expect it. The last thing you want is to have none of the essential items you will need for you and your family to survive. Luckily there are some ways that you can be prepared without...

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3 Potentially Life-Saving Ways You Can Prepare for a Tornado

Spring is upon us, and for residents of America's infamous Tornado Alley, tornado season is here as well. While tornados can happen any time of the year, and even anywhere in the world (except maybe Antarctica), if you...

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What to do in case of an Emergency

Emergencies happen at a moment's notice. It could be a natural disaster, a small stove-top fire, or a spider bite. Here are a few basic, but often overlooked strategies to handling an emergency. Avert the panic attack -...

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