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Landlord insurance and real estate investment groups

Another busy month for CNC Insurance. After returning 2 weeks ago from Austin for the Rising Point Solutions networking happy hour for real estate professionals, Brent was in San Antonio Thursday to host a lunch for Lifestyles Unlimited. Real Estate investors are in the hunt for single family homes and multi family buildings to purchase and manage. Landlord insurance is specific to rental property and provides coverage based on the occupancy of the property. CNC Insurance staff are knowledgeable and available to answer questions regarding best coverage available whether you are a first time real estate investor purchasing one rent house or a veteran investor with a portfolio of properties. Connect with CNC Insurance on Linkedin, twitter and facebook to get more updates on these groups and how we may be a resource for real estate investors. Next Friday Lifestyles Unlimited will host a multi family road show and Brent will be in San Antonio again at the end of May for a Lifestyles case study meeting. We want to thank Lifestyles Unlimited for naming CNC Insurance Central Texas Vendor of the Month!!


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