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Why Speeding Is Dangerous

According to the National Safety Council, there are many reasons why people speed:

  1. They're in a hurry
  2. They're inattentive to their driving
  3. They don't take traffic laws seriously 
  4. They don't think traffic laws apply to them
  5. They don't view their behavior as dangerous
  6. They don't expect to get caught.

Driving on the road inhibits many dangers. Some may feel they are in control and if speeding they will be able to contain the situation and not cause an accident. Unfortunately, those who feel this way are often involved in auto accidents. It is the third leading contributing factor in fatal crashes, says the NSC.

Aside from alcohol-attributed accidents and texting-while-driving, speed has been proven to kill. It is not just another excuse for you to be written a traffic violation. The number of unnecessary fatalities may decrease if all drivers become more aware of their speed, as well as being more attentive on the road.

Your Insurance Carrier may even offer some type of incentive, such as a discount for good driving. You might also want to look in to taking a Defensive Driver course, which offers oodles of knowlege about safe driving and the importance of avoiding excessive speed. The discounts offered can be discussed with your Agent. 

If you have a Teen Driver please also stress the importance of patience at traffic lights and stop signs in addition to driving the speed limit. So many young drivers start out with some of the above mentioned reasons for speeding and then do not always conform with the laws of the road causing further accidents and in some sad cases, taking lives.

If you would like some tips on safe driving, you can visit the Texas Department of Transportation.



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