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How to Stay Safe this 4th of July Weekend

How to Stay Safe this 4th of July Weekend

The Fourth of July is here, and it is time to celebrate and have a good time! That being said, a good celebration is always made better when you arrive home safely at the end of the night.  So, here are a few key tips to help you celebrate safely this Fourth of July.

Drinking Safely

Alcohol is a big part of many celebrations, and that is fine if you're .  Alcohol, consumed in moderation, can make for a good time for adult party-goers.  But make sure that your party stays safe by calling for designated drivers and keeping the drinking at a manageable level.


Using Fireworks

Fireworks are also a great and exciting part   of Fourth of July celebrations, but if they are used unsafely they can cause huge problems.  Make sure to supervise any youths who are using fireworks, and be careful about mixing drinking and firework use.

Swimming Safety

Hitting the pool or lake is also a normal and exciting pastime of the 4th, but if you do decide to take to the water, make sure to swim carefully and to be smart.  Watch out for your children in the pool, and be smart if you decide to combine alcohol with your pool experience. 

Make this Holiday an Experience to Remember

Your Fourth of July should be a great day to remember and think upon fondly, but that can’t happen if things get too dangerous.  So have fun this holiday weekend, but put safety first and make sure that everyone has a good time and returns home safely!