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3 Devices No Home is Safe Without

fire extinguisher

Keeping the home safe is a top priority for most homeowners and heads of family— but that task can sometimes seem a little  bit overwhelming.  Luckily, there are a   few important devices that can help every family and home stay a little bit safer without any extra work.

Here is a list of the most important safety items for every home!

Smoke Alarms

Perhaps the most important safety feature of every house is the smoke alarm.  These devices ensure that your family is alerted in the case of a fire, which gives you all the opportunity to exit safely. But don’t forget to change your batteries regularly so your alarm will be ready to go in case of the unexpected!

Fire Extinguisher

After smoke alarms, fire extinguishers are the next important fire safety feature for every home.  Though they are good for many fires, you should never use a fire extinguisher if the fire seems overly dangerous or is spreading, in those cases, you should get to a safe place and call the fire department.

For small contained fires though, fire extinguishers are an excellent safety measure.  Here are a few simple steps to safe fire extinguisher use:

                P—pull (on the pin)

                A—aim (at the base of the fire)

                S—squeeze (the handle)

                S—sweep (from side to side)

This quick acronym will help you to put out fires as safely as possible.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

And lastly, carbon monoxide detectors are extremely important for every house’s safety.  These devices are very important because carbon monoxide is not only dangerous but also scentless.  

If you don’t have these devices already, you should invest in them now to ensure that your home and  your family is as safe as possible!