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Why You Should Never Drive Anywhere Without Wearing a Seatbelt

A popular phrase used to encourage drivers to buckle up is “click it or ticket,” inferring that if you’re not wearing a seatbelt you are liable to be pulled over and given a ticket. However, there are other reasons to be motivated to wear a seatbelt – namely, your health and safety. 

car collision

Car Collisions Are A Leading Cause of Death

A lot of people brush off wearing seatbelts because they are good drivers or because they have never been in an accident. They would be surprised to hear that car collisions are the leading cause of death for people under the age of 35. 

Most Accidents Occur Close to Home

Another excuse for not wearing a seatbelt is that you’re not going very far from home and you don’t expect to even see any other cars on the road. Unfortunately, more fatal accidents occur closer to home than you would think. In fact, 80% of all traffic fatalities happen within 25 miles of your home and don’t exceed 40 miles an hour. This statistic is shocking if you think the only people that die in car collisions are speeders on the highway.

Seatbelts Keep You From Flying

Flying isn’t so fun when you can’t land delicately. Without a seatbelt, your body continues to travel as fast as the car was traveling before it was hit. This means hitting your head on the steering wheel or being flung from the windshield altogether.

Avoid any unnecessary danger and pain by wearing your seatbelt and investing in the proper auto insurance from CNC Insurance. You never know when you might need it.