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7 Tips the Electric Companies Don't Want you to Know this Summer

Summer is great when you are outdoors and able to cool off at the swimming pool. The problem comes when you get home and it feels like you are living in a furnace. The air conditioners, ceiling fans, and other cooling appliances can be your only hope, but what happens to your electricity bill in the end? Here are some tips to keep that bill down while still staying cool!

Work with Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

It will be well worth the investment over time. If you have an older air conditioner, you will find that your bills are going down enough to warrant the purchase of a newer model. Most new models actually give you the option of having it turn off when you aren’t in the house. The fact that they are newer makes them much more efficient as well.

Shut the DoorsShut the door note

Not only is it a good idea to shut the doors so hot air doesn’t come inside from the outside, but it is also important to have your upstairs doors shut if you have air conditioning because heat rises and cold air falls. This will help you maintain your houses coolness without having too cool every room.


Ceiling and window fans use substantially less electricity to cool things down. Sure it might not get as cool, but it will save you money in the long run.

Lights and Appliances off

If you want to save money on electricity it is time to see what you are leaving on all day. If you cut some of those things out, you may be able to keep your monthly bill down where you want it without dying from the heat waves that come.

Make sure you take these tips and apply them when summer hits hard. You will be glad that you did when you see how low your monthly electrical bill is!


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