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The Driving Dangers of April Showers

The springtime may present more dangerous driving conditions than even the harshest winters. Just because the snow has melted away, don’t let your guard down during the wet spring season.

Here are a few things to watch out for this spring, as you look forward to the gorgeous flowers and warm sun approaching once again!

Wet Roads

About 75% of weather related crashes are due to wet roads. So when those April showers come a pouring, you’ll want to be on high alert. Wet roads can be just as slippery as icy ones. Puddles or sheets of water can cause hydroplaning, slippage, and extended stopping distances. So slow down, break earlier, and never use cruise control when the roads are wet.

Winter Damages

Another danger of spring driving stems from the abuse the roads went through during the winter. They froze, thawed, expanded, and got pummeled with salt and sand. During the spring, roads often give out, creating dangerous pot holes and other damages. So keep an eye out!


Another spring hazard most people forget about is the emergence of wild life. Especially as young babies are being born and big animals are coming out of hibernation, animal traffic across roadways increases significantly – especially around dawn and dusk. Keep an eye on the side of the roads to avoid deer or other large animals from leaping out in front of your car.

Check-up for the Car

To keep yourself as safe as possible, make sure that your car is ready to face the spring. Clear out all the gunk that built up during the winter, test all your lights, clean off your windshield, and replace your windshield wipers. But most importantly, make sure your tires are in good shape. They are what will keep you on the road when it rains.

Don’t let a car accident ruin the beauty of the spring for you. Follow these simple tips and enjoy the stunning spring season!


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