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5 Pre-requisites for Summer Vacationing

Before you rush off on a spontaneous summer vacation, there are a few things you need to think about first.  Don’t be so desperate to get away that you waste your precious vacation days on a last-minute, poorly-planned, sub-par trip.

If you want a really great vacation, do these 5 things first!

Figure out what you need

First of all –assess your needs.  Do you really need some “chillaxing” time to unwind, or do you need an invigorating adventure to bring some spice back into your life?  You probably have limited vacation days—get the most out of them that you can. 

Decide who gets to come along

Your vacation-mates will be the key to your enjoyment of this vacation.  Is it your family?  A few friends? A significant other?  Make sure you discuss in advance what you all want to do, how much you are willing to spend, and make sure you come up with a plan that will satisfy everyone.  You definitely don’t want to be traveling with a grouch.

Decide how much money you’ll spend

Another big question to ask yourself is how much you have to spend.  Definitely save in advance and stick to a budget.  You don’t want to add the unnecessary stress of growing debt every time you swipe your card on vacation.  It will ruin your enjoyment and make coming home all the worse. 

Book in Advance

Plane tickets, hotels, car rentals, and entry passes – if you can book them in advance, do it!  Not only will this save you lots of money, but it adds an element of security to your travels.  There will be no risk of being left without accommodations, transport, or fun! 

Shifting into Vacation Mode

Finally, before you set off on your vacation, make sure you are mentally and emotionally ready to enjoy!  Don’t get so caught up in expenses, schedules, and arrangements that you forget to enjoy this time! 

If you’ve prepared in advance, all your worries should be taken care of and you’ll be ready to enjoy your vacation time to the fullest!  


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