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5 Foods to help you feel good this spring

Here are 5 foods that you should include on your menu this spring to keep yourself healthy!


We have all seen them before and most of us have at least tried one, but Artichokes are one of those vegetables that keeps on giving after you have eaten it. People who have had chronic digestive complaints find that artichokes can really sooth their stomach problems. In fact, the artichoke was originally used as medicinal plants for liver treatment and jaundice.


With its unique flavor and texture, many people look forward to a little halibut even if they aren’t fish lovers. As a fatty fish it is able to protect your body from some forms of kidney and colorectal cancer. It is also able to protect your eyeses from degeneration.

Halibut detoxifies, reduces blood pressure, and even prevents arthritis. No wonder it is what they offer in a lot of hospital menus.


These veggy spears can really increase your folate and vitamin B intake. This is great for your cognitive health. Asparagus offers age and disease fighting properties to your body.  It goes great with the fish that you plan to cook during the week as well!


Another fatty fish for all of you fish lovers out there. This fish is packed with omega-3 fatty acids that not only protect the heart but also protect the brain from premature aging.


These babies are packed with monosaturated fats (the good fat). They are also high in omega 3-fatty –acid levels which help with the heart.  As carriers of highest antioxidant content in the nut worlds, they are definitely a worthwhile snack to invest in.

Make sure you are treating your body right by consuming the right minerals and nutrients to keep it running right! 


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