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3 Potentially Life-Saving Ways You Can Prepare for a Tornado

Spring is upon us, and for residents of America’s infamous Tornado Alley, tornado season is here as well. While tornados can happen any time of the year, and even anywhere in the world (except maybe Antarctica), if you live in so-called “tornado alley,” the chances of a tornado touching down near you are statistically much more likely.

It’s always a good idea to remind ourselves of tornado safety to help prepare ourselves and our families for the event of a tornado warning. Here are 3 potentially life-saving ways you can prepare for the next twister.    

1.     Have a family disaster plan

Take a few moments to decide what your family’s plan will be if a tornado is nearby. Where will you go if you’re at work, at school, at the store, or on the road? Think about a safe, sturdy place you might escape to, like a community tornado shelter or your home’s basement.

2.     Make sure you own a battery-operated NOAA Weather Radio

A NOAA Weather Radio is essentially on stand-by all the time, so it can warn you of a tornado even if you’re TV is off or you don’t have access to the media. And because it’s battery-operated, you can stay informed even if the power is cut off.

3.     Put together a tornado kit

An essential part of tornado preparedness is having an emergency kit on hand. Include things like a flashlight, first-aid supplies, food, bottled water, a whistle and an emergency blanket. Be sure your tornado kit is located in your tornado shelter, or in a place where you can easily grab it on the way to the community shelter.

Make sure you have proper insurance for your home

Tornados can happen anywhere, and during any time of year. Be sure your home is properly insured against tornados, especially if you live in “tornado alley.”

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