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The Front Seat and Your Child’s safety

AS your kids grow older and want to spend more time in the front seat of your car, it may be tempting to let them, even if they are not old enough according to safety regulations. But when it comes down to it, these regulations are truly for the safety of your child, and any inconvenience they may cause you can easily be overcome by the safety benefits they provide. The following are some of the main problems with children in the front seat. 

1. The first problem is most definitely airbags. Although airbags are an important safety addition for every car, they also cause damage to even adults, and for children, the force at which an airbag is released can cause serious and lasting damage. This damage can easily be avoided by having your child sit in the back seat until they have reached the appropriate age and size requirements.

2. Small children also do not fit correctly in their seatbelts. This increases the likelihood of seatbelt related trauma in accidents, and this can be especially problematic in the front seat where more damage is likely.

Although these are only a couple of issues with front seats for children, you can see how important they can be. Keeping your child safe is a top priority, and by keeping them in the back seat, you can help them stay safe until they are old enough to transition to the front.


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