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Why is Smiling So Important?

A smile is a powerful thing.  A smile can be truthful, deceptive, happy, or sarcastic, but it always remains one of the most influential expressions that we can produce.

The Power of a Smile

When a person smiles with sincerity and with pleasing intent, the command that such a simple act can have over others to brighten their mood and the mood of the person who goes about life with a smile on their face is hard to match with any other synthetic or prescription.  Those individuals who choose to smile through both the good times and the bad can find their own lives will improve as well as the lives of those people who are around them.

The Benefits of a Smile

Smiling can benefit one’s life in a wide variety of ways.  Some uses of a genuine smile and the benefits of positive smiling include:

  • Building rapport with others
  • Making others feel comfortable in your presence
  • Breaking down distrust
  • Softening the hardened feelings of others
  • Promoting good decisions in those around you
  • Boosting positivity and hope
  • Generating pleasant attitudes among yourself and others

Be Sincere

The world is in need of more people with smiles on their faces.  Not the cheap and superficial kind of smiles, but the sincere and positive smiles that originate from a person’s inner dedication to promote good and happiness in the world.

The next time you are out and about, running through the busy causeways of life, give smiling a try and see for yourself the results.  Going through life with a smile is the best way to lift yourself and those around you to a higher plane of positivity and joy. 


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