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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Weird and Unusual Types of Insurance

The world of insurance is a great mystery to many people who are not directly involved in the industry, but nearly everyone understands the concept.  Insurance works by offering to cover the costs of damage or loss to a specific item or asset, including one’s life, in return for a monthly payment in the form of a premium.

What can you insure?

Basically, if you want to ensure that something is covered financially you get it insured.  This typically means taking out a policy on your car, your home, your health, and various liabilities that could drain your bank if someone else files suit against you.

Peculiar policies

All of these forms of insurance and more are not only common in the world but likewise needful.  There are, however, other offers from insurers that some people have invested in which are, well, interesting to say the least.  Some of the most peculiar insurance policies offered include:

  • Alien Abduction Insurance.  As the name suggest, this form of coverage will compensate a policy holder in the event of being abducted by aliens.  What’s even stranger?  At least two claims on this coverage have been filed, honored, and paid out.
  • Fantasy Sports Insurance.  This policy is especially helpful to those who people who pay big bucks to fill their fake rosters.  Because while the league may be a fantasy, the money spent is all too real.
  • Supernatural Attack Insurance. Polices can be purchased in the event of a werewolf mauling, ghost beating, or vampire biting that will cover the costs of the injuries sustained by persons due to the Wolfman, Casper, or Edward.  As long as they can prove it, that is. 


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