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What is Umbrella Insurance?

Many people ask, "What is umbrella insurance? Here is a brief overview so you can know how it will benefit you. Think of it this way. You are driving your car down the road when you start skidding on the ice. There is a car in front of you and you have no power over your speed anymore. Ultimately there is a crash and you realize you haven’t just hit any car… you have smashed a corvette.

The person inside it is a CEO of a company and has a back injury and is a rewarded over $300,000 by a jury. Guess who will have to pay it? That is right, it is you!

The Purpose

This is the purpose of Umbrella Insurance. The idea of an umbrella is to protect you and a perimeter around you when it rains. This is exactly what umbrella insurance does. All of the legal fees, all of the medical bills and other things that can come with lawsuits, are what you can cover with Umbrella Insurance.

Pay Attention

Many people just don’t pay attention to what could happen. They look at their assets and don’t get enough coverage to protect themselves in the instance of an accident or a lawsuit. This can ruin any individual.

In today’s day and age, there are people just itching to sue for money. Even if they are dead wrong, you will find yourself paying for legal fees and these can become extremely expensive without umbrella insurance that covers these issues. Make sure that you are covered before it is too late.

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