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How can Activated Charcoal Cure Smoke Damage?

Come again. Charcoal can do what? It can cure smoke damage, believe it or not.

Although charcoal is traditionally used as coals for a fire, activated charcoal has been treated to serve a different purpose. By exposing it to particular levels of oxygen, millions of tiny pores are opened at an atomic level, meaning there’s more space to capture other molecules within its carbon infrastructure.

Its uses

Its absorption is so powerful that it is used as an antidote to most poisons. Visit the ER for poison and you will recognize the name of their treatment.

Activated charcoal was actually the original medicinal fix to stomach flus, before popular medications started taking over the market. Ironically enough, it can still be relied on to fix overdoses of these same medications that replaced it.

Smoke Damage Cure

Activated charcoal’s resume was impressive enough before, it’s about to get a little bit better when you learn that it can capture smoke molecules as well. Should there be any smoke damage left in your home after a fire, activated charcoal can be an amazing detoxifying agent to the bad smell left over. Grab a bit of it in its powdered form, put small pillars of it in small bowls, and then spread them around the affected area. Leave it there for several hours, and then replace it as needed.

Activated charcoal does have a limit to how much it can absorb. It should be changed out every now and again to ensure maximum absorption. Give it enough time and it may cure your smoke damage without the aid of anything else.

If you want to speed up the process however, it never hurts to get your hands dirty scrubbing the smoke affected areas with vinegar or turning on an Ozone Generator. These tools can aid in the fight against Smoke Damage. Don’t count activated charcoal out though. Even if you don’t use it all, it might be nice to have around the house as a power absorber for something else.

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