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Romance Awareness Month

August is National Romance Awareness Month, and that means it is time to let the romantic sparks fly.  Treat your loved one to a romantic month of surprise gifts, dates, dinners, and acts of loving service.

Share The Love With Life Insurance

The National Romance Awareness Month of August may also be a fitting time for a person to look into purchasing a life insurance policy.  While decidedly less romantic than a rose and a candle lit dinner, purchasing a life insurance policy may actually be one of the most practical ways for a person to show their love for their significant other and family.

Owning a life insurance policy can give your family and your loved ones the safety of having financial coverage in the event of your death.  This coverage can be extremely important to ensure that your family is able to weather the hardship of your death without incurring debt for funeral costs and for cost of living.

When deciding to purchase a life insurance policy, an individual will need to decide what type of life insurance to go with.  There are two basic forms of life insurance, although within these two categories are housed many different forms and types of coverage, but the two most basic classifications of life insurance is term and whole life insurance.

How Does Term Life Work?

Term life operates much like another insurance plan by paying out a set amount for holders who pay the monthly premium while whole life insurance allows for the policy holder to have some percentage of their premium put towards investment options designed to build the amount available at pay out.  Life insurance is a complicated field and one will need the help of an insurance professional to understand what all the options are, but by looking into purchasing life insurance a person will be able to show their utmost love for their loved ones this Romance Awareness Month.  


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