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Preventing Sports Injuries

No matter what sport you are participating in, you have to realize that you are exposing yourself to a risk of injury. Once you understand that every sport poses some risk of injury, you can then start to prepare yourself to avoid injury. There are definitely sports that pose higher risks than others and you should be well aware of the risks involved with any sport that you play.


How To Prepare

Regardless of the sport that you are playing, you should be sure that you…


  • Take time to warm up. It can be hard to warm your muscles up adequately when you are excited to start playing, but it is necessary if you want to avoid as many injuries as possible. You should get your muscles working and blood flowing through your body. After you get your muscles warm, you will want to stretch them as much as you can. Staying flexible is a great way to avoid injury.
  • Wear your safety equipment. If the sport that you are playing requires safety equipment it is important that you suit up every single time that you play.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. Before you start playing it is important that you are hydrated. Drink water throughout the day to make sure your body is as hydrated as it needs to be.
  • Play with a group of people that are willing to obey the same rules. You want to make sure that everyone is on the same page with the rules and the rules are well established ahead of time.


Keep yourself safe when you play sports, you won’t regret it!


photo credit: Tobyotter via photopin cc


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