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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Preventing Sports Injuries

No matter what sport you are participating in, you have to realize that you are exposing yourself to a risk of injury. Once you understand that every sport poses some risk of injury, you can then start to prepare...

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Romance Awareness Month

August is National Romance Awareness Month, and that means it is time to let the romantic sparks fly. Treat your loved one to a romantic month of surprise gifts, dates, dinners, and acts of loving service. Share The...

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Keep Business Flowing in Summer

Keep Business Flowing in Summer Summer time is perhaps the hardest time of year to motivate your employees to do anything. Increased waking hours combined with the opportunities warmer temperatures bring and memories of...

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Keeping the Electric Bills Down

Keeping the Electric Bills Down As the summer heats up across the nation, there are more and more homeowners who are realizing that the rising heat is directly adding to their electricity bills. While some may think of...

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How to Spot a Bad Mechanic

How to Spot a Bad Mechanic When you know that you have to have your car fixed by a mechanic, it can be nerve wracking to try and find someone that will be honest with the repairs that need to be done. If you do not have...

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