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National Drowsy Driver Awareness Day

National Drowsy Driver Awareness Day

It is a far too common occurrence on America’s streets, highways and interstates.  A car will slowly drift from their lane, hit a rumble strip marking a double yellow line, spring into action and over correct causing an accident.

Spectators of this generic yet frequent scene may have the initial thought that the driver must be intoxicated.  But cause is not illegal judgment, like drunk driving is; rather it is simply the poor judgment to drive drowsy.  

The sixth of April is National Drowsy Driver Awareness Day.  This day has been designated as a day to remember those who have been victims of drowsy driving and a day to revitalize the nation’s efforts to drive alert and responsible.

Driving drowsy is the same as driving impaired by alcohol or any other substance because driving a vehicle while tired and sleepy has the same effects as if the person was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Just like drugs and alcohol impede processors in the brain from acting efficiently and quickly to avoid accidents, driving while drowsy or tired can limit a person’s ability to react to the hazards of the road.

By not being able to safely navigate the road because of their drowsiness, a sleepy driver puts themselves in just as much risk as if they were actually sleeping behind the wheel.  A person can avoid driving drowsy by preparing for long drives with a full night’s sleep, and by choosing to never drive if they are sleepy or overly tired. 


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