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Car Stolen, Now What?

It is a personally tragic scene that plays out several times a day across the nation.  A person walks outside, rummages through their purse or pocket to grab their keys, heads towards where they know they parked their car, and find only a pile of shattered glass.

Having one’s car stolen can be one of the most invasive and heartbreaking events in life.  Feelings of anger, frustration, betrayal, and violation can often cloud judgment in the few moments following the discovery of a missing car.

Because of this, there are many who may not know how to handle the situation.  Understanding what to do immediately following a vehicle theft will greatly aid you in coping with the traumatic event.

  • First, don’t give up on hope.  It is possible that you have simply forgotten that you parked in a different location or that the vehicle has been towed.  Look around you to try and find the vehicle or a towing company’s sign and call their number to see if the car is in their lot.
  • Second, call the police.  Calling the police to report the car stolen as soon as possible offers the best chance at getting the vehicle back.  The sooner the authorities are aware it has been stolen the sooner they can begin their search.
  • Third, if the car is equipped with a gps or other service like OnStar, call the service provider and have them shut the car down remotely or give you the location of the vehicle.  Often, if the car is equipped with this technology, the police will do this for you, but it never hurts to do it yourself.
  • Fourth, contact your insurance company and inform them that the car has been stolen.  They can then begin working on filing your insurance claim and get you the insurance money you are entitled to.