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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Broker vs Direct Writer

Shopping for insurance can feel like an overwhelming task. With insurance salesmen telling you what you “need” and what is “necessary” the different policies can get overwhelming really fast. Rather than feeling frustrated with insurance shopping, start working with an insurance broker.

More than likely, if you have been working with a specific insurance company, you have always had contact with a direct writer.  A direct writer works for a specific insurance company and will do his or her best to sell you on the insurance plans that his or her company sells. That’s their job! When you work with an insurance broker, you will find that your insurance contact is now working for you.

An insurance broker has your best interest in minds. The broker can shop through a variety of insurance companies to ensure that your insurance needs are met and your expectations are fulfilled. Don’t let insurance overwhelm you and don’t get confused about what is “necessary” for your insurance plans. Choose to work with an insurance broker so you can be sure that your insurance needs are being met and that your insurance contact understands you and what you really need. 

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