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Best Insurance Broker Frisco Services For Landlords

If you own residential, rental property and are looking for the best insurance broker Frisco company, CNC Insurance is the office to contact. This brokerage service can find the most cost effective service you need to cover all your landlord investments. Because they are independent, CNC Insurance Brokerage Services can shop around the insurance agencies they represent to make sure you receive the best value for your money.

As a landlord, you are probably concerned about any incident that will cause damage to your investment. To alleviate your concerns, you will want an insurance broker who understands the detail of the kind of coverage you will want. This usually includes the following.

• The house itself. Make sure you have coverage for damage resulting from fire, smoke, explosions, and water leaks, and acts of nature such as lightning strike, wind and hail, and flooding. The amount of this coverage is usually an estimate of what it would cost to rebuild which is not the same as market value of the property. The broker can explain this in detail.
• Other buildings on the property. This might include the garage, shed, or pool house. There is a typical limit on this coverage, often approximately 10 percent of the entire package.
• Contents. Make sure you are clear on what contents are covered. Perhaps, you are leasing the house furnished or at least with appliances. Even if a tenant brings his own furniture, you will want to make a proper inventory of items such as tools, free standing metal shelving, lawn or pool care equipment, or anything else that is stored in the basement or outbuilding.
• Personal liability and legal fees. Be sure that you are covered in case a tenant is injured in a way that he feels he can file a claim against you for negligence. This might even cover medical treatment for the tenants even if there is no lawsuit.
• Lost rental income. If there is damage for whatever reason and you lose your rental income, this coverage will pay at least a percentage of the rent for a limited amount of time.

There are many details to consider to ensure sure you are covered for what you need in your situation. Brokers are there to help you customize your request before they find the right insurer for you. However, to do so, they need specific information from you.
• Description of interior of the house including the square footage, whether or not the basement is finished, details of the living space, finishings, and fixtures.
• Description of exterior of the house including type of design, materials used for walls, roof and chimney.
• Description of outbuildings, including garage, workshop, and pool house.
• Detail on age, types, and condition of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems.
• Risk factors such as nearby flooding river, crime rate in neighborhood.
• Anything else that could be significant in terms of risk of damage such as pets owned by tenants.

At this point, you can easily see why having a company such as CNC Insurance Brokerage Services is the best way to make sure you have the right insurance. There are so many variables that only a broker Frisco can organize them and make a good match with what the insurance agencies offer. They can shop around for you so you can make an informed decision with absolute confidence.